This is a project closely knit with the local community, as it intends not only to involve stakeholders and Associated partners, but also to have an impact in local contexts.

The 31st Congress of the International Network of Productive Learning Schools and Projects (INEPS) about “Productive Learning – an Answer to the Educational Challenges of 2023?” took place on the 17th-21st April 2023 in Finland, and it was organised in collaboration with the All In Ed Project. Moreover, the communication ‘Productive Learning and School Engagement’, ERASMUS + ”All in Ed” delivered by two of the All-in Ed project coordinators. All the dissemination materials of the INEPS Congress include the All-in Ed symbol, alongside with the Erasmus logo, which is a very significant dissemination as well.

Other partners involved, namely in Finland are:

-Jyväskylän Kristillinen koulu; Muuramen seurakunta ev. Lut.;

-Keuruun ev. Lut.; Hyvärilä youth centre;

-Pikku-Syöte youth centre; Iso-N

– ‘Keuruu network of services working for the local children and youth’;

-Flexible basic Education network; SeutuJopo. Keulink Oy, Ketterää Osaamista- project.

In Portugal, the regional dissemination initiative, presentation of the Project All-in Ed in the context of the theme “PADDE: digitalization project in Portuguese schools.” took place at Centro de Formação de Escolas da Beira Interior. The project was presented to headteachers and PADDE teams of the neighbouring municipalities of Covilhã, Manteigas, Belmonte e Fundão. In the context of Curriculum development and assessment; teaching practices; use of digital educational resources, the Principal of the school AE Lã e a Neve presented the All-in Ed project, as a means of promoting engaging practices to develop the curriculum and assess better practices, as vehicles of avoiding early-school leaving. Also other organisations have been involved, namely:

Associação de Pais do AELN,

Beira Serra,


Conservatório da Covilhã,

eTwinning Portugal,

Centro de Formação da Associação de Escolas da Beira Interior.

Beira Serra, for instance, has been involved in a project that aims to establish common ground with students, their families and the wider community to find avenues for engagement and genuinely meaningful learning experiences that can align students with school learning environments, especially with the Romani community and students in risk of school dropout.

In Spain, there were different organisations involved in the creation of Local Project Groups, besides INS Antoni Pous: city town hall (education area), schools and other educational local agents. And several external stakeholders participate in the dissemination initiative of the project through the “calling for participation”:

-at local level, Ajuntament de Manlleu & Pla Educatiu d’Entorn de Manlleu (with a public presentation in a coordination meeting to prevent early school leaving);

-at regional level (Catalunya), Departament d’Educació (through Inspecció educativa & Millora Contínua program);

-at regional and national level (Catalunya and Spain), Fundació Bofill (with a post in their web, and an article in their newsletter), Fundació L’Arc (with a mailing to all the associates and followers);

-at international level, using our contacts from other Erasmus+ projects the team was previously involved in.

Here is how they were involved:

  • Manlleu City Council: Pla Educatiu d’Entorn  (City Education Plan) – Manlleu (Spain) – They participated in the project follow up, collaborated with the Manlleu Transnational Meeting, collaborated with the dissemination of the project (including it in some of their meetings) and sharing engaging practices.
  • AFA Antoni Pous (Parents Association) – They participated in the project follow up and collaborated sharing engaging practices and participating in the Manlleu Transnational Meeting
  • Escola Quatre Vents (Primary School) – Manlleu (Spain) – The collaborated sharing engaging practices, participating in Manlleu Transnational Meeting and in the project follow up
  • Escola Puig Agut (Primary School) – Manlleu (Spain) – They collaborated  sharing engaging practices, participating in Manlleu Transnational Meeting and in the project follow up
  • Escola Pompeu Fabra (Primary School) – Manlleu (Spain) – They collaborated sharing engaging practices and  participating in the project follow up and sharing
  • Escola Casals Gràcia (Primary and Secondary School) – Manlleu (Spain) – They participated in the project follow up
  • Institut del Ter (Secondary School) – Manlleu (Spain) – They participated in the project follow up and ar interested in working with All-in Ed Guideline
  • Col·legi La Salle (Secondary School)I – Manlleu (Spain) –  They participated in the project follow up and ar interested in working with All-in Ed Guideline
  • Fundació Bofill (organization of educational research) – Barcelona (Spain), national level – They collaborated with the dissemination of the project and published an article about All-in Ed
  • Catalan Education Department (regional services) –  Manresa (Spain), regional level – They collaborated with the dissemination of the project.

In Germany, especially in the region of the partner’s school, various schools, organisations, interested parties and stakeholders are in regular contact. This is the reliable way to spread and disseminate the cause and the result of the project. Vocational aid institutions, distinct youth welfare office of the Vulkaneifel, the vocational school of the Vulkaneifel district and our school organise regular campaigns to support students, to find a job – to avoid school dropout and to prevent early school leaving, complying with the Ed project’s aims.

In Austria the team was able to impress upon a private school in Vienna, MS und PTS Sankt Marien, which was inspired by the All-in Ed project. The headmaster was also very helpful with the programme for the 2nd Transnational Meeting in Bad Vöslau, by offering a guided tour of the school and providing the facilities for the final team meeting in Vienna. On the occasion, contacts were established to promote new Erasmus endeavours between the Al-in Ed partners and a local teacher, who will be assigned as new Erasmus Coordinator.