Productive learning in Lithuania

Their learning is (…)

The National Agency of Education involves several stakeholders such as local business, companies, non-profit and budgetary organizations, to implement practices aimed at 15-16 year-olds. These are both single, class, and whole student-centred approaches, involving all subjects and oriented towards practice of a particular student. Also students of 9-10 grades learn at school and practical learning sites (in local companies, organizations, etc.). Their learning is based on their practical activities and experience gained at a certain practical site they choose (for example, at a supermarket, fire station, cultural centre, etc.). Practical activities and learning in another way help students to raise their learning motivation, attending school, ultimately attaining a certificate of basic education. Only a few schools in Lithuania provide Productive Learning Practices and productive learning groups are small: every student has his/her schedule of individual and group consultations with Productive Learning teachers. It is a long process to go through when student is choosing practical learning sites, but some municipalities provide financial support.

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