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Here is another example of an engaging practice that, from a professional experience, fosters students’ SCHOOL ENGAGEMENT. By school engagement we mean students’ observable participation in school activities, sense of belonging to classmates and teachers, and valuing success in school-related goals.

It is implemented by: Teacher and pupils

It is directed at students aged:  13-18

Target group: school level

Main subjects involved:

ICT involvement:  no

Description of the practice: Peer support program in Finnish schools:

“The peer support program operates in secondary schools and is based on the idea of peer support. A peer supporter is an ordinary student that works voluntarily in order to strengthen the school community and to help other students. Peer supporters are given a training course. The activities are supervised by an adult instructor that works in the school, often as a teacher.”(

A teacher’s idea: Different kind of pupils are recruited to work as peer supporters. In this way, a pupil who would otherwise not get to know the teachers or receive positive feedback in lessons, gets to know the teachers and other peer supports and feels that she or he is an important part of the school community. The pupils is also given tasks that require commitment.

Accessible to any student: yes

Meaningful participation for every student: yes

Why?: All pupils can get support from the peer supporters

Support to the practice: yes

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