Organic vegetable-garden in Kindergarten

The “Organic (…)

The “Organic vegetable-garden in Kindergarten” project was started on 3-05-2021.
By reusing end-of-life bathtubs, we installed a “living laboratory” in the form of a vegetable garden for learning science. We started the project with one bathtub and now there are three. It is a project in which all children participate.
The garden allows children to put their hands in the soil and learn how to cultivate, care for and harvest, so that they can later help prepare meals with the food produced. It also works on responsibility, contact with nature and awareness of the need to guarantee healthy food, through essentially pedagogical activities, with some playful character, which allow them to build up a lot of knowledge in an intuitive, practical, attractive and experimental way. We plant all kinds of green vegetables.
The new side to this project has been financial literacy, as children are involved in a variety of tasks for which they take responsibility, selling the products they have grown.

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