Month of sports

All classes get (…)

Here is another example of an engaging practice that, from a professional experience, fosters students’ SCHOOL ENGAGEMENT. By school engagement we mean students’ observable participation in school activities, sense of belonging to classmates and teachers, and valuing success in school-related goals.

It is implemented by: Department of education, teachers, local sports clubs

It is directed at students aged:  9-11, 12-14, 15-16

Target group: whole school

Main subjects involved: Sports

ICT involvement:  no

Description of the practice: The whole school participates. All classes get the possibility to choose a sport that they like or would like to experience. The teachers organize sports clubs who either come to school and introduce their sport to the students or give the possibility that the students get to their gym or pitch and do a training there. Each training lasts for approximately 4 hours or a school day. There should be one sport that each class has in common and one sport to choose extra. The teachers also organize a sports event at the end of the Month of sport where the kids can compete in the sport that everybody had a professional training.

Money for it is either funded by government or school

Accessible to any student: yes

Meaningful participation for every student: yes

Why?: Everybody gets the same amount of practice time with a professional sports man/woman so they will be able to participate at the main event in the end. Teachers will keep in mind to create mixed groups so everybody has the same chances no matter what gender, age or physical ability.

Support to the practice: yes

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