Local Project Group meetings

Every participating organisation has formed their Local Project Group (LPG) early on, consisting of educators and other professionals dealing with youth in the local area. These LPGs work as implementers of the project tasks. LPG implementation such as the questionnaire, is planned to happen locally, regionally and nationally. This is also according to our work plan.

For instance, the Keuruu LPG is discussing the development of a ‘multi-campus’ model, which is a continuum between secondary education, vocational education and work life. Practically this entails ‘local study hubs’, similar to the local work hubs (stations) that have emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic. This enables students to both undertake work traineeships as well as concentrate on studies at a study facility nearby – eliminating lengthy travel between workplace and/or school. This decreases truancy -> school exclusion. In this model, a teacher will visit students at workplaces and the learning hub. The long-term goal of this model is for example, to employ a teacher who will be at hand to assist students with their studies, and additionally connect them to appropriate services, such as employment and study counsellors. In relation to this before mentioned multi-campus model, the Keuruu LPG has visited the Jämsä Factory (October 14, 2022) – a creative distance-workspace and think tank. Moreover, for immigrant-learner school engagement good practices are being brought into Keuruu via the project.