Participation in local and national pedagogical events and forums

The All-in Ed teams have been focused on disseminating the project outcomes to different focus groups, within school staff and similar, both nationally and internationally.

The Portuguese team implemented a regional initiative with the Regional Teacher Training Centre, “Centro de Formação da Associação de Escolas da Beira Interior”, in the context of the Ministry of Education “ Plano de Ação de Desenvolvimento Digital da Escola” (PADDE), that aims to develop Digital education in two different but complementary perspectives: the pedagogical use of digital technologies to support and enhance teaching and learning, and the development of digital skills by students and teachers. It also aims to contribute to digital transformation, lifelong learning, teachers’ professional development and high-quality inclusive education and training for all. The All-in Ed Erasmus project is not only in-line with these objectives but highlights engaging practices that make use of ICT to engage students, promote more inclusive practices and foster a critical approach to information, enabling students to navigate in a digital world, developing an understanding of the basic values of democracy and freedom of expression. The development of these skills has a major impact on students, thereby reducing the lack of identification with school activities and ultimately avoiding school dropout .

Further initiatives are being prepared, namely between the ALL-in ED project and the INEPS team, who are very interested in the eTwinning dynamics, as an engaging practice, to be developed with students in the context of productive learning. The first meeting is being held on the 23rd of June 2023.