The All-in ED Guideline is created within the theoretical framework,  where indicators and facilitators have been identified; these will be include in the Guideline, along with objectives, structure and the set calendar.

The team has been working on this project result from the beginning of the project, since previous work is needed to reach the result:

February – May 2022 – 1st form and collection of good practices

May 2022 – review of the form, 1st identification of indicators (from the collected practices) and 1st proposal of theoretical framework

June – September 2022 – Collection of good practices

September 2022 – definitive theoretical framework; definitive common list of indicators and facilitators to assess and improve engaging practices

September 2022 – January 2023 – collection of engaging practices (call for participation)

The project’s 1st and 2nd International Meetings were essential to reach consensus about the common list of indicators and facilitators as well as the guideline structure and format. The 1st proposal for the All-in ED Guideline was under the responsibility of the Spanish team.

The 3rd International meeting, to be held in Manlleu, Spain (end January 2023), will determine the final version of the Guideline and its format.