A list of events covered by the All-in Ed Project include:
-Local Project Group meetings;
-Local Project Group Workshops;
-Participation in local and national pedagogical events and forums;
-Transnational Project Meetings.

1st Transnational Meeting - Portugal

The theme of the 1st Transnational Meeting in Covilhã, Portugal, was Diversity & inclusion and mainly focused on inclusion, as a means of promoting equality and non-discrimination.

An important part of the meeting was devoted to sharing engaging practices, with the contribution of local stakeholders and the teachers from the hosting school.  The special education team of the Portuguese school and the children prepared presentations and hand-on activities with new learning and teaching methods and approaches to work with special needs students in an integrated and inclusive school. The prevention of early school leaving and failure was also an aimed topic, with the presentation of local projects that aim for the engagement of less motivated students.

One of the workshops had to do with social and economic obstacles and the presentation of a project that the school implements along with one of the school associate partners, to assist families and children of Migrant background.

The transnational team was organised into several teams, starting to work on the Project result No 1, by creating the questionnaire to collect the engaging practices. Another group started working on indicators and a 3rd group started preparing the communication plan. Work was conducted in plenary assembly, small groups and workshops. 

Other sessions were devoted to the use of ICT in classes, as a means to engage children with difficulties and children with more challenging cultural backgrounds, traditionally more prone to school dropout.

2nd Transnational Meeting - Austria

The theme of the 2nd Transnational Meeting in Bad Vöslau, Austria, was “Indicators and criteria for engaging practices”: engaging Practices can be facilitated by emotional, organisational and instructional support.

The theoretical framework points out how indicators are effective as means to improve practices and how engagement is emotional connection and attachment with school, by relating people to each other. Cognitive engagement on the other hand is about student’s interests and values.

A part of the meeting was devoted to presenting the results from the questionnaire practices. It was concluded that respondents offered different levels of information:  some of the practices had very long descriptions, other were too short and other posted just a link. For better results the team decided to translate the questionnaire in order to get more descriptions of practices and over all practices which could be transferred to other contexts and used by everyone.

To collect more and, above all, multiple engaging practices, the transnational team decided to develop specific actions to disseminate the form, by implementing dissemination at 3 levels: locally, regionally and nationally. The actions should be implemented at least in collaboration with 5 stakeholders.

3rd Transnational Meeting - Spain

The 3rd Transnational Meeting was held in Manlleu, Spain, between the 30th January and the 3rd February and it mainly focused on the development of a Guideline, to be used to improve engaging practices, making them more effective. The project result 2, the Guideline for inclusive actions, intends to help teachers/educators/tutors improve their practices, therefore promotintg motivation, inclusion and engagement to prevent early school leaving.

4th Transnational Meeting - Finland

The All-in ED Erasmus Project works with the Project associate INEPS (Finland) in the organisation of its 31st Congress in April 2023 (17-21).

Collaboration with project associates plays an essential role in the creation of the All- in Ed project results as well as the dissemination of them. Here are some of what we have already been working on with our associates:

– INEPS Congress “Productive Learning – An Answer to the Educational Challenges of 20232, City of Keuruu, All-in Ed

– AVI (The Regional State Administrative Agency), Finland, April 17 – April 21 2023

The All In Ed Erasmus+ project also involves a series of student and teacher online meetings together with and through our project associates. These are, for example, online student meetings organised by INEPS, All In Ed Best Practice Workshops with youth centres as well as online meetings with other Flexible Basic Education (SeutuJOPO) classes.

Online meetings with the Finnish Reagional State Administrative Agency (AVI) in order to collaborate with the organisation of dissemination events (INEPS congress and All in Ed Final Seminar).

Dissemination of project results is so far set to happen via various national educational events such as Nuori2023, Finland (https://nuorisoala.fi/palvelut/koulutuksetjatapahtumat/nuori-tapahtumat/nuori2023), KEOS 2023, Finland


– Communication by the All-in Ed team at the congress;

– Presenting and testing All-in ED guideline with the participants in the congress;

– Inner assessment of the project, review of the workplan and proposals for Project continuity.

The below links will take you to the 3rd Announcement of the 31st INEPS Congress to be held in Laukaa, Finland April 17th to 21st 2023.



5th Transnational Meeting - Germany

The 5th Transnational Meeting was held in May 2023 in Germany, under the title “Final report with the results of the evaluation and the conclusions of the process”. The work sessions focused on the ongoing work, namely the conclusion of the guideline. From the work of the All-in-Ed Team a set of work tools also derived, that can be used towards

6th Transnational Meeting - Finland

The 6th and final Transnational Meeting will take place in Finland, in September 2023 and will constitute the opportunity for the Dissemination of materials, collected on the website and the guideline.

The All-in Ed will be part of the University Conference.