Creative Occupation

Movement PROTASI (…)

The Centre of Creative Occupation  (CCO) – Movement PROTASI in GREECE develops the Movement PROTASI for another lifestyle, with other education professionals with a targeted influence over a large age group (3-16).

It is a Group-centred practice, implemented both at a Local, National and International approach.

It aims at developing social competences, by offering children and teenagers the possibility to participate in creative occupation groups in their leisure time, thereby enforcing their social competences and personal skills. Some examples can be seen at , as The arrow of Sky: or the Graffiti PROTASI :

This project has been applied since 1994 with very good results: the kids and students form an idea of group work and cooperation while the most engaged take initiatives and  are activated in many fields of their school activities. The activities implemented in the CCO offer initiatives, ideas, motivation, experiential education, self-awareness,  (personal, social and self-management skills). The practices also promote the sense of belonging to the CCO itself , classmates, and further to school environment, namely by combining their personal values and goals to school-related goals.  

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