Collaboration between youth work and school: Theme lessons

These lessons (…)

Here is another example of an engaging practice that, from a professional experience, fosters students’ SCHOOL ENGAGEMENT. By school engagement we mean students’ observable participation in school activities, sense of belonging to classmates and teachers, and valuing success in school-related goals.

It is implemented by: Youth workers and teachers

It is directed at students aged: 12+

Target group: Class-centered

Main subjects involved: Social skills, cross-curricular

ICT involvement:  no

Description of the practice: The local youth worker and a class teacher plan and implement theme lessons together. These lessons are planned around a theme. They can take place either in the classroom or outside the classroom. These lessons are taught either both by teacher and youth worker or either or. Also, ‘guest speakers’ can be invited along, for example, police officer etc.

Accessible to any student: yes

Meaningful participation for every student: yes

Why? Easy to participate either by doing, seeing and/or experiencing. Open discussion. All (class) members are equal.

Support to the practice: yes

Does this practice promote students observable participation in school related activities? Yes. This practice adds awareness and reinforces already existing knowledge.

Does the practice promote students sense of belonging to classmates, teachers and school? Yes. Same knowledge around the chosen theme is shared with everyone.

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