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Here is another example of an engaging practice that, from a professional experience, fosters students’ SCHOOL ENGAGEMENT. By school engagement we mean students’ observable participation in school activities, sense of belonging to classmates and teachers, and valuing success in school-related goals.

It is implemented by: Teacher

It is directed at students aged:  9-15

Target group: Class-centered

Main subjects involved: Arts, music

ICT involvement:  no

Description of the practice: Every class has its own band. The main idea is that every student can play and participate. Playing together increases the sense of belonging and self-esteem. Every student has her/his own role in the band, an own piece in the totality. It the piece is taken out, the music doesn’t sound the same anymore – so everyone has their own, important role. The teacher takes care that a student has a role/instrument which she/he can manage. If needed, the role can be very simple.

When the students practice hard and the teacher can give good feedback to them, the self-esteem of the students increases and gives them more courage to practice more and more  – sometimes they can feel the flow. The students also learn to concentrate which helps them to concentrate in other subjects.

Accessible to any student: yes

Meaningful participation for every student: yes

Why?: Usually the answer is yes, but sometimes some a student feels very, very frightened to act in a group and in these cases the teacher can’t force the student to participate.

Support to the practice: yes

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