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Here is another example of an engaging practice that, from a professional experience, fosters students’ SCHOOL ENGAGEMENT. By school engagement we mean students’ observable participation in school activities, sense of belonging to classmates and teachers, and valuing success in school-related goals.

It is implemented by: Teachers

It is directed at students aged: 12 – 16

Target group: Whole School approach

Main subjects involved: Physical Education, Arts and Music

ICT involvement:  yes

Description of the practice: CarnavalINS it’s festival where all the classes prepare a dance, a costume and a song to show in front of the whole educational community (it is related to the carnival)

Accessible to any student: yes

Meaningful participation for every student: yes

Why? Everyone takes part in it and can participate. No matter the abilities of each student. The practice aims for inclusivity, creative expression, collaboration, confidence-building, appreciation of diversity.

Support to the practice: yes, All the teachers get involved and participate also in the performance.

Does this practice promote students observable participation in school related activities? Yes, students actively participate by engaging in the preparation, performance and display of the performance.

Does the practice promote students sense of belonging to classmates, teachers and school? Yes, the project require students to work together, share the experience, … teachers also participate in the performance what can enhance students sense of belonging.

Does the practice promote students giving value to success in school-related goals? Yes, above all the Arts and Phyisical education goals.

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