Work package 1 – Preparation

Action 1. Collection of practices already implemented in the participating schools, that the partners believe to be successful. From those, identification of the best practices aimed at improving motivation and school engagement in each participant organisation.

Action 2. Proposal of indicators and tools for collect evidence of the engaging practices. (Actions 1 and 2 will be developed in a first international meeting, in Portugal).

Action 3. Analysis and assessment of best practices, using the created tools.

Action 4. Completion and sharing of the collection of best practices with collected evidence. (Actions 3 and 4 will be developed locally)

Work package 2 – Implementation

Action 5. Common and specific communication and training materials – Website contents. (This action will be developed in the 2nd international meeting, in Austria). Project result 1: Website

Action 6. Learning, teaching, training activities in each school and local area. (This action will be developed locally) (Work package 3 – Dissemination)

Action 7. Creating a guideline for inclusive actions to promote motivation and engagement to prevent early school leaving. (This action will be developed in the 3rd international meeting, in Spain). Project result 2: Guideline.

Action 8. Evaluation process. (This action will be developed in the 5th international meeting, in Germany)

Action 9.  Dissemination: INEPS Congress and the Final Dissemination Seminar (These actions will be developed in the INEPS Congress(4th Meeting) and the 6th international meeting, in Finland. Project result 3: Congress Participation and the Online seminar