4th Transnational Meeting - Finland

The All-in ED Erasmus Project works with the Project associate INEPS (Finland) in the organisation of its 31st Congress in April 2023 (17-21).

Collaboration with project associates plays an essential role in the creation of the All- in Ed project results as well as the dissemination of them. Here are some of what we have already been working on with our associates:

– INEPS Congress “Productive Learning – An Answer to the Educational Challenges of 20232, City of Keuruu, All-in Ed

– AVI (The Regional State Administrative Agency), Finland, April 17 – April 21 2023

The All In Ed Erasmus+ project also involves a series of student and teacher online meetings together with and through our project associates. These are, for example, online student meetings organised by INEPS, All In Ed Best Practice Workshops with youth centres as well as online meetings with other Flexible Basic Education (SeutuJOPO) classes.

Online meetings with the Finnish Reagional State Administrative Agency (AVI) in order to collaborate with the organisation of dissemination events (INEPS congress and All in Ed Final Seminar).

Dissemination of project results is so far set to happen via various national educational events such as Nuori2023, Finland (https://nuorisoala.fi/palvelut/koulutuksetjatapahtumat/nuori-tapahtumat/nuori2023), KEOS 2023, Finland


– Communication by the All-in Ed team at the congress;

– Presenting and testing All-in ED guideline with the participants in the congress;

– Inner assessment of the project, review of the workplan and proposals for Project continuity.

The below links will take you to the 3rd Announcement of the 31st INEPS Congress to be held in Laukaa, Finland April 17th to 21st 2023.