2nd Transnational Meeting - Austria

The theme of the 2nd Transnational Meeting in Bad Vöslau, Austria, was “Indicators and criteria for engaging practices”: engaging Practices can be facilitated by emotional, organisational and instructional support.

The theoretical framework points out how indicators are effective as means to improve practices and how engagement is emotional connection and attachment with school, by relating people to each other. Cognitive engagement on the other hand is about student’s interests and values.

A part of the meeting was devoted to presenting the results from the questionnaire practices. It was concluded that respondents offered different levels of information:  some of the practices had very long descriptions, other were too short and other posted just a link. For better results the team decided to translate the questionnaire in order to get more descriptions of practices and over all practices which could be transferred to other contexts and used by everyone.

To collect more and, above all, multiple engaging practices, the transnational team decided to develop specific actions to disseminate the form, by implementing dissemination at 3 levels: locally, regionally and nationally. The actions should be implemented at least in collaboration with 5 stakeholders.